Membership Pricing Changes from August 1, 2023 through October 1, 2023

Our Premium membership plan continues to provide the best value in Arkansas.  We also offer an Open Play Plan and Pay-As-You-Go Option.

Private Lessons:  All Premium plans include two (2) private lessons per month.  These lessons can be carried over to subsequent months.  Unlike the previous membership model that included one (1) lesson per week, those lessons did not carry over; they were either used or lost. The number of private lessons included with the memberships is changing to bring them more in line with market rates and to give more players opportunities to have private lessons during a month.  Even at the new prices, we still think these are the most valuable in-person lessons you will find anywhere else in Arkansas.  The highest membership level is $75 per month, which breaks down to $37.50 per 50-minute lesson, and includes all group training sessions.  For players who want more lessons, they can be purchased separately.  If you want to purchase a package of lessons, please contact us to customize your plan.

Robot (Ball machine):  All premium plans and open play plan include use of the Newgy 3050XL robot (ball machine).  During sessions when we have a larger number of players, the robot may be unavailable while we use all 3 tables for play.

Prorated membership:  If you join during a month, the monthly fee for that month will be prorated for the remainder of the month.

Payment Methods:  While PayPal invoicing helps us better manage membership subscriptions, your payments by check or cash help us avoid the expense PayPal processing fees.  PayPal invoices can be paid by Debit/Credit cardsVenmo, and PayPal Accounts.  If you want to pay by another cash app, for example CashApp, we can only accept these payments for single visits.

For recurring invoices by e-mail:  Contact us about the plan and billing frequency you want.  We will create an invoice series based on the frequency you prefer, and then e-mail you an invoice which you can pay online regularly.

New Pricing Start Dates

August 1, 2023

September 1, 2023

  • Open Play plan increases from $25 to $35/month

October 1, 2023

  • Youth Beginner increases from $35 to $60/month
  • Youth & Senior (Intermediate or Advanced) increases from $35 to $60/month
  • Adult (Intermediate or Advanced increases from $50 to $75/month

Membership Plans - Details & Purchase Links

Trial Period:  All membership plans include a 1-month trial period, after which your 3-month recurring payment will start.

Direct Withdrawal or Flexible Invoicing:  If you use the links below to purchase a membership plan, your payment method will be automatically charged when your plan renews.  If you prefer to receive an invoice with flexibility to pay on your schedule, we are happy to set that up for you.  We have members who use either option.

Premium Plan Benefits:

  • Two lessons per month:  two (2) 50-minute private lessons that you can carry over if you don't use them.
  • Unlimited group training sessions, open play, and robot
  • Discounted Extra Lessons (50 minutes):
    • 1-player:  $40 per 50 minutes.
    • 2-players shared:  $70 per 50 minutes.
    • 3-players shared:  $90 per 50 minutes.
  • Group training sessions
  • Use of training equipment
  • Complimentary paddle cleaning supplies on site
  • Access to DVDs and books from the Academy's library
  • Paddle assembly and repair
  • Discounts on equipment

Premium - Youth Beginner:  $60/month

Premium - Senior (Intermediate or Advanced):  $60/month

Premium - Youth & Adult (Intermediate or Advanced): $75/month

Open Play (any age) - $35/month

Pay-As-You-Go Option

If you prefer not to purchase a membership plan, consider the following Pay-As-You-Go option.

Note:  Payments must be made before or on arrival prior to play.

First Visit - Please contact us to coordinate your first visit

  • To experience our facility without playing - $5 
  • To play on your first visit - $10

Single Visit - $20/visit

  • Open Play (practice and matches with other players)
  • Robot use
  • Private Lessons, $80 each
  • Shared lesson (50 minutes):  2-players - $140, 3-players - $180
  • Advanced Group Training: $50 per session if space is available.

Spectator - $5/visit

  • Come see what we have to offer
  • Talk with the coach and players
  • Watch our practice live and in-person

Adult beginning players who are interested in just playing or practicing with others are recommended to use the Open Play plan.  If adult beginning players have a desire to improve their skills through regular training and instruction, we suggest taking one or more private lessons.  If we have enough interest from other adult beginning players, we may create a regular Beginner Adult Class.

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