ARKTTA 2021 Summer Closed 2-Star USATT Sanctioned Tournament

Welcome to the 4th USATT sanctioned tournament at the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy!

We invite Arkansas residents to enjoy with us a friendly and competitive table tennis tournament on Saturday, June 12, 2021.  This tournament provides a variety of events to give players opportunities to compete for cash prizes and tournament rating points.

Who are the Tournament Sponsors?

Thank you to our local sponsor Edward Henkel, DVM & Mary Henkel, DVM of Stuttgart Animal Clinic in Stuttgart, Arkansas!  Lauro Consulting, Inc. (my parents) and I also pitched in to support this event's prize money.

How do I enter the tournament?

Eligibility Requirements:  You must be an Arkansas resident to enter this tournament.  ARKTTA members between 3/9/20 and 4/1/21 get priority of entry, followed by those who have attended between those dates. Final priority given to those whose final vaccine dose was received 2 weeks or more before the tournament date (COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card required).

Visit our Omnipong Tournament Listing to see the events, register and pay online.  If you don't have an account, the link will take you to the account creation page at Omnipong, and then you will be able to register for the tournament.  If you browse all the tournaments at, just look under Arkansas for our tournaments.  You can also mail your completed/signed entry form (DOWNLOAD PDF ENTRY FORM) and check payable to "ARKTTA" to ARKTTA/Mike Lauro, 1818 N. Taylor St., Ste. B PMB 130, Little Rock, AR  72207 (different from tournament site).  If you need special arrangements to pay, please contact Mike Lauro at 501-291-3142.

How can I support this tournament and table tennis in Arkansas even if I can't make it or I don't meet the eligibility requirements?

Donate to our PayPal Giving Fund -- The Arkansas Table Tennis Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which relies on membership and donations from generous individuals and organizations.  Your donation through our PayPal Giving Fund will ensure that we receive 100% of your donation with PayPal waiving it's customary fees.  The investment we receive from donations stays in the academy and is used to grow the sport of table tennis in Arkansas. 

What is the Prize Money?

Total Prize money by event:

  • Open Singles - $310 (all 8 places get cash!)
  • Junior Singles - $110 (all 4 places get cash!
  • Open Doubles - $220 (all 4 places get cash!)
  • Hardbat Singles - $60 (1st and 2nd get cash!)

What is the estimated time schedule for Saturday and Sunday?

Saturday Schedule:

Hall opens:  8:45 am
Registration/practice:  9:00 am
Announcements:  9:20 am
Group Photo prior to start of tournament

Matches (estimated schedule based on 9:30am start time):

Open Singles Round Robin:  9:30 am - 11:30 am

Open Singles Main Draw Single Elimination:  11:45am - 1:15pm

(Awards/photos of Open Singles)

Junior Singles:  1:30 - 2:30 pm

(Awards/photos of Junior Singles)

Open Doubles:  2:45 - 3:45 pm

(Awards/photos of Open Doubles)

Hardbat Singles:  4:00 - 5:00 pm

(Awards/photos of Hardbat Singles)

Official Tournament Announcement:

 (if you have trouble viewing the table below on your mobile device, try selecting the browser option for "Desktop Site")

Arkansas Table Tennis Academy

2021 Summer Closed

$700 in Cash Prizes

USATT 2-Star Sanctioned, June 12, 2021



Arkansas Table Tennis Academy, 15716 MacArthur Dr., Unit C, North Little Rock, AR  72118.


Stuttgart Animal Clinic by Edward & Mary Henkel, DVM; Lauro Consulting, Inc.; Mike Lauro.


Director/Referee: Mike Lauro (CR/CU); Club Umpire: David Willard (CU) (Call/text Mike 501-291-3142)

Safety Plan

See page 2 of this announcement for the ARKTTA COVID-19 Operational Safety Plan general guidelines.
More details will be made available on the tournament webpage at

Equipment, Conditions

2 ITTF/USATT-approved tables (JOOLA 3000SC, Donic Waldner Classic 25); JOOLA Prime ABS White Plastic
Ball; Red tournament flooring; high ceilings; fluorescent lighting 600-800 lux.


All USA Table Tennis rules apply. Matches are best of 5. Games to 11. 2-minute warm up before matches.
Primary clothing color must not be white. Except for Hardbat, rackets must comply with the black/red rule.


Limited Entry: AR residents only. ARKTTA members between 3/9/20 and 4/1/21 get priority of entry, followed
by those who have attended between those dates. Final priority given to those whose final vaccine dose was
received 2 weeks or more before the tournament date (COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card required).
USATT Membership Required: Non-members of USATT may play with the purchase of a Tournament Pass
($20/junior, $50/adult). New 2021 USATT membership fees: Basic: $25/Yr; Pro: $75/Yr; Lifetime/$1,300.
Create an account at and pay membership fee online.
Note: USATT Ratings as of the tournament deadline will be used for event eligibility.

Entry Fees


Start Times

Proposed Format



Entry Fees waived: Players with ARKTTA membership plans between 3/9/20 and 4/1/2021.
For Entry Fees, see the Official Entry Form.

1. 9:30 - 11:30am: Open Singles Round Robin. Limit 8 players. All advance to main draw.
11:45am - 1:15pm: Open Singles Main Draw Single Elimination. Prizes: 1/$100, 2/$60, 3/$40,
4/$30, 5-8/$20 each. ($310 total)
2. 1:30 - 2:30pm: Junior (Under 18) Singles. Limit 4 players. Giant Round Robin format.
Prizes: 1/$50, 2/$30, 3/$20, 4/$10. ($110 total)
3. 2:45 - 3:45pm: Open Doubles. Limit 4 teams. Giant RR format. Prizes (per team): 1st-$100,
2nd-$60, 3rd-$40 3rd, 4th-$20. ($220 total)
4. 4:00 - 5:00pm: Hardbat Singles. Limit 5 players. Giant RR format. All hardbat matches will be played to 21‐point games. All matches will be best of 3 games. Prizes: 1/$40, 2/$20. ($60 total)
Note: All non-Hardbat events are USATT Sanctioned. Hardbat results submitted to Prize money may be adjusted for any event by dollar amount and finishing position. Matches must be played for cash awards.

Deadlines Please Register by Wed., June 9, 2021. Check-in 20 minutes before your first event.


Light snacks, bottled water, sports drinks for sale.  Free use of hot/cold water dispenser. Restaurants in 2 miles:  Subway, Jim’s Razorback Pizza, Smoke Shack Bar-B-Q, Waffle House, KFC, McDonald’s, Taco El Madero’s.


Practice Thursday 5:00-8:00 pm; Practice/registration on Sat at 9:00 am.


For tournament updates, check your email or visit

Thank You for Donations!

Donate to our PayPal Giving Fund: to support our tournaments and programs, including youth development, coaching camps, and fundraisers.


Register at Pay online or in-person on tournament day at check-in. See Entry Form for more options. Call with questions. For tournament updates, check your email or visit

Please Read Below for our COVID-19 Operational Safety Plan

ARKTTA COVID-19 Operational Safety Plan
General Guidelines
June 12, 2021

Additional Guidelines will be posted on the tournament webpage and provided to players at check-in on tournament day.

All participants must acknowledge that they have read and promise to abide by these guidelines. Non-compliance results in disqualification.

1. Pursuant to USATT mandatory guidelines regarding face-coverings, all persons must wear face‐coverings at all times unless actually engaged in warm‐up or competition. This includes all officials, umpires and scorekeepers. The first failure to wear face‐coverings will result in a warning. A second failure will result in immediate removal from the playing venue and automatic disqualification.

2. All persons must undergo any required health‐related testing prior to entering the facility, including temperature checks.

3. All persons experiencing physical symptoms possibly related to COVID‐19, including coughing or fever, are prohibited from entering the competition venue.

4. All persons must maintain appropriate social distancing at all times when inside the competition venue. The first failure to maintain appropriate social distancing will result in a warning. A second failure will result in automatic disqualification.

5. No more than two persons [other than officials] are permitted at any table in preparation for competition or actual competition play at any time.

6. Participants are required to observe and follow all routing/ingress/egress instructions within the venue.

7. Participants are not permitted to be closer than six feet to the Tournament Director’s work area and/or control desk without prior approval from the Tournament Director.

8. No shaking of hands after matches. No spitting. Cover your mouth and nose if you yawn or sneeze, and then immediately sanitize or wash your hands thoroughly.

9. Participants are required to follow all rules related to usage of competition balls and care and cleaning of competition tables and other furniture and equipment in the venue.

10. No food is allowed inside the competition venue unless it is stored in a container. Food must be eaten outside the venue. For example, you may bring bananas, but you need to keep them in a container/bag and eat them outside. Non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the playing venue and in the court during matches. Any player deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry or removed.

11. In the event of event cancellation due to COVID‐19 restrictions being extended or introduced then refund of entry fees will be made to players.

ARKTTA 2020 March 7-8 Junior Weekend - Tournament Report


Welcome to the tournament report for the ARKTTA 2020 March 7-8 Youth Weekend, a USATT 2-Star Sanctioned Tournament, at the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy.

Reflections on our March 7-8 tournament and current events:

As I write this tournament report at the end of March while relegated to my home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm reminded of how special these tournaments can be.  When we are able to gather together as a group in a competitive and friendly environment to share the sport of table tennis that we all love, it really is one of life's blessings.  Shortly after this tournament, life as we have known it changed course.  With so many people affected by this pandemic and requirements to avoid group activities, going forward has not been easy.

At the moment, we have no idea when our next group training will be, let alone when we'll be able to hold another tournament.  Too many people around the world are dying during this pandemic and tens of thousands more are sick.  But we are hopeful because many more are on the front lines fighting for our health.  Hopefully there will be relief on the horizon and we will someday be able to take comfort in each other's presence again. In the meantime, we can count our blessings, practice safe and healthy habits, and help each other when possible.  Working together toward a common goal to defeat COVID-19 gives us the best chance to overcome all of the challenges that the pandemic presents.  Until next time, I wish all of you love, health, and happiness.  Please take precautions, stay healthy, and be active.

As a tribute to the human spirit and the many bonds we share, I offer you this tournament report...may it bring a smile to your day. :)

Read more: ARKTTA 2020 March 7-8 Junior Weekend - Tournament Report

ARKTTA 2020 January 18-19 Teams Weekend - Tournament Report

Welcome to the tournament report for the ARKTTA 2020 January U3200 Teams Weekend, a USATT 2-Star Sanctioned Tournament, at the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy.

Thank you to our local sponsors Edward Henkel, DVM & Mary Henkel, DVM of Stuttgart Animal Clinic in Stuttgart, Arkansas!  They helped us cover the USATT sanction fee.  Also, thank you to my parents, Mike & Cathy Lauro of Tampa, Florida for donations to cover Subway sandwiches for all competitors on both days.

Results and Scores are published online at our Omnipong Tournament Listing.

Results of Saturday Events

Under 3200 Teams

  • Champions:  Carlo Satierra (Pine Bluff) & Charlie Brooks (Sheridan)
  • 2nd Place:  Mike Lauro (Little Rock) & David Willard (North Little Rock)
  • 3rd Place:  Jason Piech (Rogers) & Kitt Oudthone (Ward)
  • 4th Place:  Alex Piech (Rogers) & Darius Ford (Little Rock)

Double Elimination (with Random Redraws after each stage)

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • 2nd Place:  Carlo Satierra

JOOLA Mini Table Challenge Round Robin

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • 2nd Place:  Jason Piech

Results of Sunday Events

Open Singles - Division 1 (Round Robin)

  • Champion:  Ricky Criado
  • 2nd Place:  Raj Coona
  • 3rd Place:  Shoujie Yang

Open Singles - Division 2 (Round Robin)

  • Champion:  Perry Smith
  • 2nd Place:  Darius Ford
  • 3rd Place:  Kitt Oudthone

Open Singles - Divison 3 (Playoff)

  • Champion:  David Willard
  • 2nd Place:  Tony Webb

Hardbat Singles

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • 2nd Place:  Ricky Criado

Links to Media:



ARKTTA 2020 March 7-8 Junior Weekend

Welcome to the third USATT sanctioned tournament at the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy!

Our March 7-8, 2020 weekend tournament includes junior singles and doubles, open singles, rated singles and doubles, and hardbat singles and doubles.  For more details, download the entry form or visit (official tournament software of USA Table Tennis).

You can enter/register/pay at Omnipong using the link:  Omnipong Registration for ARKTTA Mar 7-8 2020 Junior Weekend Tournament (you'll need to create an Omnipong account if you don't already have one...logging in will take you to the registration page for the tournament.)

Read more: ARKTTA 2020 March 7-8 Junior Weekend

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