Because of current renovations ongoing at the Dailey Fitness Center where Little Rock Table Tennis Club is located, the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy hosted the LRTTC Monthly Tournament for April 13, 2019.

This is the 60th monthly tournament of the Little Rock Table Tennis Club!

Thanks to those players who were able to make it to the Academy for LRTTC April 13th monthly tournament:  Jason, Carlo, Vasu, Charlie, David, Olaf, and Mark.  

$45 donations were collected for the fundraiser for Alanis Hamilton's Hopes Week participation.

Despite the heavy rain outside, inside atmosphere was bright and friendly.  I enjoyed being able to watch the matches today, and happy to see everyone having fun.

Interesting stats:  no 5-set matches, only 5 games going to deuce, and 13 out of 21 matches were 3-0.  Jason and Carlo's match recorded the highest scoring game at 17-15.

And we had 3-way tie first place!  Congrats to the top 3:

  1. Carlo claims Gold
  2. Jason wins Silver
  3. Vasu earns Bronze


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