On Sunday, March 31, 2019 the Arkansas Table Tennis Academy hosted a pilot program for a team league that we are hoping will develop into a long term team league.  This was a good opportunity to provide a different playing format and to raise funds for Alanis Hamilton and her attendance at the 2019 USATT Hopes Week and Challenge on April 15-21, 2019 in Sacramento, California.

A very big thank you to those who were able to play in the team league pilot program, and for all the donations...together we raised $140 for Alanis Hamilton Hopes Week fundraiser, with over $500 so far.

Team League Pilot Program
Darius Ford (L) and Jeff Pratt (R)

The playing format was modeled after the T2APAC league rules, but we made some modifications to fit our needs.  You can read about the format we used on our Team League page.

In total, 12 players signed up, so we were able to put together 4 teams of 3.  Each team started in a semifinal, with the winning teams advancing to a final playoff and the losing teams entering a consolation playoff.

Olaf Hoerschelmann (L) v. Greg Wolf (R)

In one semifinals, the team of Ricky, Greg, and Tanner defeated the team of Mike and Olaf (having lost their other teammate). In the other semifinal, team Carlo, Darius, and Charlie defeated team Kedar, Jeff, and John. The finals match up between Ricky's team and Carlo's team ended in a tie with each team having 20+ points. So for the tie break procedure, we came up with a rematch between A, B, and C players each playing a bonus game of first player to 5. After the singles matches of Greg v. Darius, and then Charlie v. Tanner, each team won a bonus game. The final bonus game between Ricky and Carlo decided the championship, with Ricky coming through in the end for his team. The consolation bracket was a match up of two 2-player teams (both having lost a teammate), Mike and Olaf v. Jeff and John, with Mike/Olaf coming in 3rd and Jeff/John 4th.

Carlo Satierra (near) v. Ricky Criado (far)

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